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Beirut 1960s:

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Landing in DC-3 1957

British Community School 1965

Skiing In Lebanon 1965

Christmas 1967

Beach Club 1968

Macedonia Sinking 1964

Easter Visit 1973

Other Movies and Animations

Sky Mozart and Salzburg

Pinky makes a fish (YouTube)

Mosca's Movie, Thief Lord

Vostok Launch

Lunar Module Launch

Sea Battle

Pyramid Plane

Blowing a Hole in Me

Miscellaneous Tests

Presidents Video

Beirut 1993/1994:

Other Photos

Bootham OSA 40th (1975)

Cheddar Gorge

Glastonbury Tor

Brean Down

Machu Picchu 1993

Microflight 06/2005

D-Day Concrete 11/2005

47-Up: Site Owner Aging

Website Designs

Sandra Grice, Civil Celebrant

Aaron Denn, Film Production

The Topic Folk Club

John Waller, Songwriter

Sarah Mosse, Artist

Metalimage & Fish Lights

Clio David, Film Maker

Dordogne House for Sale


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Little Vampire 1

Little Vampire 2

An American Werewolf in Paris

X-Factor Nokia